• DW Printer drops lines

    DW 6.11  USing DocuWare printer with a specific configuration for a while.  One PC prints to DW printer and the config is a mismatch so it goes to the default tray.  The file is the same one all of the other PC are using with no problems.  When looking at the file through config and adding it as a sample, it shows with the fields moved down a few lines.  As if the print added lines to the top of page. 


    Has anyone seen this?

  • Thanks

    This worked Perfectly.

  • Renaming Document types

    I have a client who setup a field called Document Type, (as many do).  They are using a select list to propagate this field.  One of the entries is wrong and many documents have been indexed with that wrong name.  How do I rename the index value of all of these docuemnts to the correct spelling?  Anyone have an idea?