• DocuWare Printer and Email

    HI Folks,
    I am using DocuWare Printer to save a specific document and attach the document to an Email.  Does anyone know of a way to have the email saved as well?
  • All files in Cloud FTPmoved to Failed folder.

    My client has 40 documents in their FTP base location (not in an FTP location created and connected to an in-box.) that randomly move to the Failed folder and rename with an underscore and variable characters.  I can not figure out what is causing this.   What is touching these that the system is Failing them out? 
  • text Field to numeric

    I have a text field for totals that was created many years ago that needs to be able to be search on with operators like <>= but of course since it's a text field that does not work.  Unless we are doing that wrong.  To find totals greater than 10,000.00 are putting in the total field >10,000.00. but it will not calculate this and I am assuming it's because its a text field.

    Is there a way to convert this field into a numeric field?  I  can only think to build a new field called Total1 then some how copy all from Total to Total1 and rename Total1 after completed and total deleted.   

    Any help would be greatly appriceated.
  • RE: Calculate date - 45 days

    Thank you so much for the help.  This worked perfectly and easily.
  • Calculate date - 45 days

    DW 7.2
    In Workflow, I am trying to calculate a date based on a date field - 45 days.  Does anyone have a solution.  I thought it was as simple as GV_EndDate - 45.  But nope.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • RE: Raw Document Presentment from Cloud 7.2

    I figured it out.  The FTP site was just the ticket.  Easy to get the path and it works exactly as the customer expects.
  • Raw Document Presentment from Cloud 7.2

    1. HI Folks,

    I have a customer that I have setup 20 HR output documents from one Input Form.  W4, I9 and so forth.  They asked me to to list the documents on the form and want a hyperlink to the raw document.  They do not have a Website to host the raw documents, so I put them in a cabinet and used the URL creator to build a URL for the link.  This does not work because the form is a public form and since the documents are in a cabinet, they must be called out with an authentication.  If you call out the first document/link for the main public form then another person on another device tries to click another document it asks for a login and password (Authentication) because the Authenticated user for the public form has already taken a license and until the license times out, you can't get another link.   

    Can anyone think of a way to house the Raw documents?  Like is it possible to house it in the FTP and have that present as a link?  I just don't know what the path to the FTP docs are in the cloud and if that is public or anonymous. 
  • RE: DocuWare Cloud - Integrated AP Invoice Posting to Sage Timberline

    Connect with Rhino Docs (Patrick Nguyen)  They have an integration module for Sage and DocuWare.  They have partnered with Sage for just this purpose.   
  • Workflow to export data to csv

    Does anyone know if a workflow can be used to export data to a csv file.  Customer has sage and wants DocuWare Cloud to Run a Workflow to do this.
  • MySQL for the internal Database V2 not able to schedule Backup

    DW 7.0 with Internal Database V2.  Using MySQL Administrator the backup won't kickoff.  There is no services for MySQL like there was with our old system without Database V2.  Am I missing something to get the backup to run on the schedule I setup?