• XML for autoIndex???

    Hi Folks,

    Is there any way to use an XML file for AutoIndex instead of a csv?  Has anyone done this before?  I have tried all combinations in the file connections but I can't parse out the data.
  • Demo VM 7.3 has no trays for new users.

    HI Folks,
    When I add a user to the Demo VM and add the In-Box/Tray at that time or even if I add it later, the new user does not have access to the trays.  It does not even show up on the choices.  There are no trays.  anyone figure out what is going on with this?
  • Change date format in workflow

    I have a client who needs a field called "File Name" concatenated which is no problem but they want the date to read in the following format.
    yearmonthday (210212).  the year is just a 2 digit not 4 but that is not as important as transforming it from 02/12/2021 which is what we are capturing.

    Can anyone help?
  • Drop down List in Stamp???

    Does anyone know of a way to have a drop down list in a Stamp?  I have a field that is Case Status and is tied to an index list of 5 items.  Customer wants to select from the list when placing a stamp called Case Status instead of having 5 stamps.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Import Excel data to add records?????

    I have a client that gets a weekly excel files with 4 columns and about 50 rows of data.  They would like a way to import the records as new record data.  anyone know a way to do this.  This is a new cloud customer.

    I have this figured out using AutoIndex.
  • Create a document from a template filled in with Index Values

    I have a Prospect that would like to import a quote with 10 index fields and have those 10 fields propagate another document.  In esense we have a template Purchase Order that when we Import a quote would fill out the Purchase order template and save as a Purchase Order document.  Has anyone found a way to do this with Workflow and/or auto index?
  • Cant Clip i Internet Explorer

    Two of my users can not clip documents from the tray to the doc in Internet Explorer.  They are on IE 11.1016.  They get the clip boxes next to the main doc but can not drag and drop into place.  The mouse just does not grab the doc in the tray.   Is this known and is there a fix?  DocuWare 7.2
  • Increase Max Documetn Views in Tray to more than 100

    I have a client who has amassed thousands of files in a few Trays by having failed import processes.  They need to delete all files but can only do them 100 at a time.  Is there a way I can temporarily change a setting, even in an ini if nessesary to be able to see and select more than the max of 100?
  • RE: Limit search if Status = Delete

    Hi Folks,

    1. tried setting this up and it still shows all documents including the ones with a Status=Delete.

    Here is a screen shot. I assigned this to my test user. Is there anything else I need to do?

  • Restrict access to mobile access by cabinet?

    My client is a medium size city.  They would like to restrict access to a specific cabinet if using a mobile device.  Is this possible.