• Document Tray access for Administrator

    My client has 3 user accounts creating users and trays.  Is there any way to see all trays created without specifically making a user account as an Administrator of the trays?
  • Limit search if Status = Delete

    HI Folks,
    Does anyone know how to setup a search dialog that if a person is searching for documents with a status of delete, they are not to see any of those documents?  I only want an Admin role to be allowed to see documents with the status of Delete.  Any other status would return a value.
  • Remove Stamp from Document

    Hi Folks,

    does anyone know if it's possible to perminantely remove a stamp from a document?  Not hide with the hide show annotations but remove.
  • Remove Tasklist from Web client

    Hi Folks,
    Does anyone know how to remove tasklist from the Web Client?  I have built a url with a specific user embedded for use off of the city website for the public to access public documents.  I do not want the tasklist option to show and can not figure out how to do that.
  • Multiple accounts linked to one login???

    I have a new cloud client (City Offices) and they have a public portal to all public documents.  They are coming off of Laserfische (Yeah for the Win) and as some of you know Laserfische have a public portal program.  I was told that we can link Read Only licenses (They Purchase 20 for this) to one Login account to I can setup the URL to one login for their public site.  This way up to 20 people can be using the public portal at a time.  Does anyone know how this is done?
  • Cloud Index field not propagating Gobal Worflow Variable

    New Kinetic Cloud account with AP.
    I have a simple workflow node of Assign Data that does not grab Invoice Number to the variable.  Order Number assigns data just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sync after migration from source cabinet and target cabinet that are the same?????

    After a migration, users used old server for over three weeks.  When trying to sync I am not allowed to transfer to the target that is the same as the source (old).  How can I accomplish this???  I tried to rename the old cabinet, but it still sees it as the the same.

    HELP!!!!!! Please !!!!!
  • Automatic stamp with workflow???

    HI All.  Does anyone know if it's possible to add a stamp automatically with workflow?   I have 8 to 10 documents per group of documents. (HR documents for Employee with EmployeeID not empty and Status field =verified.  I would like to manually stamp one document in the group after verifying, which kicks off my workflow.  The workflow would look for the documents with the matching employeeID and a status=New and stamp each of those documents. 

    Can anyone shed some light if this is possible.
  • DocuSign integration

    Is there a formal or even informal integration with DocuSign.  I can not find any documentation.
  • g Suite??? Google LDAP?

    HI Folks,

    I am getting quite a few questions asking if DocuWare can connect with Google LDAP.  As you may already know, many folks are moving to g Suite.  Has anyone tried this?  Any success?  Any tips?