• Explorer Client pulling in file names automatically

    Some help folks for a new guy to implimentations.

    6.12 with hotfix

    I want to import documents in folder structures and automatically grab the file name to the a field called file name.

    I created fields called File Name, Case ID and Document type.  Folder setup with Parent folder and 5 or 6 Subfolders.

    When dragging folders into Windows exploere client the Parent folder and Subfolder propagate but the file name does not. 

    Can anyone tell me how this is done.  People keep saying it will work but nothing I do so far works.

    Thanks in advanc for any input. 

  • Slow Import

    KK thanks. I create support ticket.  I was trying to find your presentation so I could go through it and it's not on-line with the rest of the DocuWorld 2018 presentations.  I'd like to use platform but this is over my head so I was hoping your presentation had these details of how to switch to platform.

  • Slow simple import processing

    New 6.12 install with lateset hotpack. Not many document in Cabinet.  Only 10 or so testing.

    Import process created to import files from folder structure.  Copying 1 Folder and 7 Subfolders to an import folder.  Indexing is only based on the Parent folder mapped to text field named Case Name, and subfolders mapped to text field named Document type.

    68 files in 8 folders only 43 megs.  Taking 25-30 minutes.

     Dual Core 2.1 with 8 gigs ram. CPU at 99% ram at 60%.  

    Any advice on what could be causing this.  

    Thanks for any help on this one. 

  • Administration tool comes up with no Orginization

    When opening the desktop Administration tool. I have to type in the Organization each time.  Must not have written to a config file.  All works fine just want to see if anyone knows what config file I can edit this in.

  • Thank Phil, Will do.

    Thank Phil, Will do.

  • LDAP not showing groups in Syncronization

    New install.  On-Prem.  6.12 with hotfix.

    LDAP with Active Directory setup.

    Select list draws from AD to select Group root node distingushed name and User root node distiguashed name.

    IN Sync Setup the DocuWare Groups to LDAP groups, the drop down shows (none).


    Any advise???? PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Unable to delete a field in cabinet

    After building a numeric field I realized it should be a text for a mask to work.  I tried to delete the field in configuration and I get the following error.

    ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN failed because column 'TAX ID" does nto exist in the table 'CORP_ACCOUNTING"


    I tried to rename it then delete it buw again I get the same error.  I rebooted the server to see if the MSSQL server would re-sync but the field is still in the cabinet and can not be deleted.


  • Upgrade from Pro to Enterprise

    HI Folks,

    I can not find any information on how to upgrade to Enterprise from Professional Server.  When I installed the license file did this do all that needs to be done?  Is there a document with instructions on how to upgrade, if nessesary?

  • Encrypting storage locations in Professional

    HI Folks,

    I have a client that needs to Encrypt the storage locations, both cabinets and baskets. They are on Professional.  Does anyone have suggested encryption software that works well with DocuWare? 

  • Okta

    Can DocuWare be used with Okta?