Fulltext Imaging Worker processes are putting too much load on the CPU.

Navigate to the Background Process Server path (default path: C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Background Process Server) and open the "LongLivingProcessConfiguration.config" file.

Here you can find the parameter '<processor limit="4" taskType="0"'

This parameter "taskType=0" controls the heavy CPU operations for the creation of the textshots for the documents.

You can adapt the value of 'processor limit="4"' and set it to the maximum amount of CPU Cores of the server for parallel processing or reduce it down to 1 (0 is not a valid value).

If the CPU load of the system is too high due to Fulltext Imaging Workers, you can reduce the parameter. If the processing of the Fulltext information is too slow and you have more CPU cores than the default value you can increase the value for this parameter.

Note: If you reduce the value of this parameter, the CPU load will be reduced, but it takes longer to read out the Fulltext information over the OCR engine because of fewer running parallel Imaging Worker processes. If you increase the value for this parameter up to the number of CPU cores on your system the Fulltext processing of all documents will be faster, but the CPU load might be too high. Therefore, adapt the value for the parameter in that way that it fits to the system resources and your needs.

Afterwards a restart of the Background Process Server is needed for the changes take effect.

KBA applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.