• RE: Install DocuWare On-Premise, but in Azure Cloud


    This post is not a new one, but seems to be the only one talking about DocuWare OnPremise in AWS (Amazon)

    I am not sure I fully understand the issue

    So is there any restriction to run OnPremise DocuWare (version 7.2) in AWS, one server for DW, one other server for MSSQL, both in AWS ?

    Thanks in advance

  • RE: Smart Connect auf eine Liste anwenden?


    Ich denke, Sie brauchen DW 7.0 (Minimum)

    Bevor Sie einen Screenshot machen, müssen Sie "Nur ausgewählten Text für die Suche verwenden" auswählen.



  • RE: Upgrade Problem


    We had one severe problem when upgrading to version 7 due to a really strange flaw in the workflow database. DocuWare support did a lot of digging to cure the problem.

    I would recommend you to open a SR at once. Upgrading is a serious matter which requires editor support as soon as some strange behavior is encountered.

    Best regards

  • RE: Search documents based only on Docuware's document ID

    Hello SImon

    Sure I understand your point.

    But I prefer to stick to the rule no SQL order which add/modify/update anything to any database designed and supported by a software vendor

    But as I wrote, up to you to decide, In that case I recommend - to be on the safe side - to get a written consent of the vendor before updating the database outside the supported software.

    Best regards

  • RE: Search documents based only on Docuware's document ID


    Sorry to break the enthusiasm, but adding a field in a Docuware system database is not the best way to solve the point.

    I would certainly not do that to be sure to continue getting support from DocuWare. Not to mention the potential problem during DW update process.

    Up to you to decide.

    Best regards

  • RE: Workflow to export data to csv

    Hi Michael
    Yes of course it is possible by writing a simple web service to do so. The web service has to be called by the WF

    But, keep in mind you need a server to run the webservice.

    So it means that with DocuWare Cloud you need an external server to do so (at the customer site for instance)

    Best regards.


  • RE: Has anyone taken documents out of Sharepoint and imported them into DocuWare?

    Hi John
    We did that (and it fact still doing), so the answer is yes.
    You need to know how to massively export documents from Sharepoints librairies with properties and then import them in DocuWare using home made programms based on DW SDK
    Send me a private message if you need more information.
    Best regards
    Gilles Sauvagnat
    Altexence CEO 
  • RE: Change Sender Address for Workflow

    Hi Casey

    Pretty easy with the new 7.1, go to Web configuration/Mal Services/Sending

    You can set up your smtp connexion to your SMTP server either for plain notification and/or for workflow notification

    I guess you might not be concerned but is's better to know that there is currently a bug if accentued characters are used in the email subject. (sounds like it is related to 7 versus 8 bits character set)

    Hope it helps



    PS : screen shot attached

  • RE: Workflow Stopped when Document Open

    Which DW version ? Looks like you are running V7, but is it 7.1 ?
    As far as I know document locking mechanism as been changed between 7 and 7.1
    Document should not be locked anymore in WF.
  • RE: How to disable Version management


    Thanks for your post, but it's not going to help.

    Doing so,  one just loses all the benefits of the synchronize process (not mentioning the need to twice the storage capacity)

    Development using DW SDK will be needed to do the job.

    Hope that - one day - DW will improve the sync process to handle versioning