• Auto Index Question

    Been playing with Auto Index.

    So here’s my situation. We have an Accounting File Cabinet and a Checks File Cabinet. What I am trying to do is use Auto Index to place the Check Number from the doc in the check cabinet into the invoice of the doc in the Accounting cabinet. A one for one exchange works fine. The problem is when the check doc is used for more than one Invoice. I realize that the Type in the Database Fields needs to be the same (text for text or numeric for numeric). Is there a way to enter multiple Invoice numbers into one Database Field so Auto Index can put them into the proper Invoice?  I tried making the Invoice Field in the Checks Cabinet a Keyword Type, but that doesn’t show up when trying to set up the workflow. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve tried playing with the SQL statement when using the Database connection, but I don’t know sql and can’t get a proper statement.

  • Signature Stamps not working

    We transfered our data to our new SQL Server yesterday and now all signature stamps are not working. The date and any text type stamp still work. The signature stamps are either bmp or jpeg. A signature stamp that is a text, will work. When I hover over the signature stamp, an "X" in a red circle pops up but the explaination box is empty. We are on V 6.12. Old SQL Server was 2012, new SQL Server is 2016. All Search, Results, and Store dialogs work properly and all documents can be located. Also the bmp and jpeg signature files are located on the DW Server.

  • After further investigation,

    After further investigation, I discovered that there are 2 file cabinets with the same name. I am not added as an owner of one of them so I did not see it until I logged in as a different administrator. The one that I did not see has is missing 2 index fields that the other one has. Any suggestions?

  • Stamp Creation Error

    Whenever I click on a public stamp or try to create one that is assigned to a File Cabinet I get the following error: "An error occured please contact the administrator with the following information: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation." The right side of the admin page then becomes blank. Stamps that are not assigned to a file cabinet do not seem to have a problem.

  • Thanks for your input Phil.

    Thanks for your input Phil.


    Joe, Our Fortis was set up before I got involved with it. Don't know how it was set up. We are on premise with DW. We are using MS SQL 2012 and are planning to upgrade to 2016 very soon. But with everything else with Fortis and DW, You usually find a work around that will work for us.

  • Yes I sound have said file

    Yes I should have said file cabinet. That sounds like an addon we don't have. Any other suggestions. This was something we were able to do in Fortis.

  • Copy value from DB to another

    I have 2 separate Databases. One is for Invoices and one is for Checks. One of the Index values for Invoices is Check Number (it is set as numeric), which remains empty until a check is cut. There is also an Index value for Invoice number which is filled in by AP as part of their approval process. For the Checks Database there is an Index value for Check number which is filled in when AP cuts the check and an Index value for Invoice number which is set as a keyword, since some checks AP cuts are combined for more than one Invoice.

    My Problem is once the Check number and the Invoice number or numbers are entered into the Check DB, is how to get DW to copy that check number into the Check number Index value of the indicated Invoice or Invoices that are in the Invoice DB.

  • Update

    Tried everything mentioned before I left work and no luck. This morning, my original link is now working. Thanks for all your help. I do have another question. Can I have more than one related link for a file cabinet?

  • Related Document Link

    Here's my problem. I created a Related Documents Link. It worked but was not giving me all the possible documents. I created a second one but it was not working. (It did not give me the link for Related Documents.) Thinking the first one was inteferring, I deleted it. The second link still did not show a related link. I deleted the second and recreated the first one that was working, but now it does not give me the related document link. Any suggestions? Version 6.12.

  • I have put in a SR with our

    I have put in a SR with our Provider. Just waiting to see how long it takes for them to get back to us. Thanks for your imput.