After running a Transfer or Synchronization job, you receive errors that state “Document with docid xxx failed”.

You’d like to find these documents but searching by DOCID is not possible unless we do the following:

   1. Create a new Database Field in the desired File Cabinet with a type of Numeric

   2. Create an Autoindex job using the newly created field as the trigger with the following:

   3. Under the Match Data tab, the source will be theFile Cabinet Databaseoption. From the dropdown, select the same File Cabinet we are running the Autoindex job on. 
(For example: I am running this job on a “Test Documents” file cabinet. So, under “File cabinet database” I will select the “Test Documents” file cabinet.)

The Matchcode will be “DOCID is equal DOCID” as seen below:

   4. The “Assign Data” tab can stay empty as seen below: 

   5. Under the “Write Back” tab, we will select ‘Change Data Records’ option, and configure our new Numeric field to be filled with DOC ID as seen below:

Once the job has run, you will see the new field populated with the corresponding Documents DOCID.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.