How do you create a Form in DocuWare?


Please follow this article in order to create, design and customize a DocuWare Form:

Navigate to the "Configurations" page via the drop down next to your username.

Select the "Forms" plugin, located in the Capture section of the configuration page.
(Note: If this plugin is not listed on your configurations page, please contact your system administrator to grant you access to this module) 

Select "New form" to get started creating your DocuWare Form.

The "Designer" tab is where you can customize your form to fit your professional needs. Here, you have the options to:
- Name the form.
- Add titles and subtitles to the new form.
- Specify what form fields you'd like to have on your form by dragging any of the fields listed on the left of the designer onto your canvas. 
- Create mandatory fields that must be filled in order to submit form.

- Preview your form before publishing it to the public.
- Configure behaviors and validations to design rules and/or error messages when users are filling out the form. 

For more information on what you can do with form fields and other features within the designer, please visit:

On the "Submission" tab,  you will have the options to select what kind of form you are creating and what happens after the form is submitted.

Please refer to the  icon if you have any questions on the difference between web forms and merge forms.

For users that decided to create a merge form you will be presented with the "Merge Forms" tab. Here, you can add documents you wish to be indexed based on values entered in the web form. 
Add documents by clicking "Add Merge Form"
(In this example, a I-9 was added as the merge form)

Click the edit icon to begin configuring your merged form.


On the "Merge Form Designer", you can map readout areas to be filled that correspond to values entered in the web form.
To do this first, click on the  icon to create a fill area. Next, click on  to enable mapping. Lastly, click on the web form field you wish to have linked and drag it to the created fill area. 

On the "Output" tab, you can select the desired store dialog that you want used when indexing the form.
(Note: If you selected merge form under the submission tab, Output and Indexing tabs will be presented when editing a merge form as seen is previous step) 

On the "Indexing" tab, match the form field to the store dialog field you wish to be indexed when form is submitted.

On the "Permissions" tab, you can assign other user's the right to use or administer this new form.

Select "Publish" in the top right corner when you are ready to make this form visible to users within or outside your organization to use.

Below that you will have the option of viewing your new form in a browser or closing the configuration.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.