How do you setup a DocuWare Preconfigured Solutions?

In order to set a DocuWare Preconfigured Solutions, please do the following;

1. Open the “Configurations” tab from the web client drop down under the username.

2. Select “Preconfigured Solutions” from the configuration page.

3. Select the “Export Preconfigured Solutions” button to export your desired solution.

4. Select “Export” to export the “DWBUC” file.

5. On the system you would like to import to, select “Import Configurations” within Preconfigured Solutions home page, then select "Choose file" to import your recently exported “DWBUC” file.

6. Select the recently exported “DWBUC” file to import into DocuWare.

7. After successfully importing the solution, we should see the Preconfigured Solution in the configuration page with the activated date and time. 

Note: Please be aware by product design, it is not possible to remove an imported Preconfigured Solution. 
KBA applicable for Cloud Organizations ONLY.