Posted Wed, 06 Feb 2019 13:40:01 GMT by Sean Mann Strategic Services

My customer is wanting to create a stamp where they can select from a drop down of keywords. The issue is that they want to limit the options to the keyword ONLY on the current document. So if a user opened Document A with a keyword field of 1,2,3. They would be able to select a stamp and be prompted with an entry box (using a select list) that has only the options 1,2,3. Has anyone done this before? I was hoping there is an ability to use variables in select list SQL such as: SELECT * FROM dwdata.FileCabinet_Keywords WHERE DWDOCID=<CurrentDWDOCID>

Any input is appreciated.

Posted Wed, 06 Feb 2019 22:21:27 GMT by Josef Zayats


I do not think this can be achieved as a proper solution. First of all, Stamps do not support multicolumn select lists, and even though SQL statemetns are allowed in on-premise systems, usage of system fields like DWDOCID or even CURRENTUSERLONGNAME() is not possible,.

BUT... if you have an on-premise system and not a large number of users that stamp documents at the same time, I may have a workaround for you. I've done something similar to this in 6.12 - not sure if would work in DW7 though.

Posted Thu, 07 Feb 2019 13:40:00 GMT by Sean Mann Strategic Services

This is DW7 on premise. I came to the same conclusion as you, but I would like to hear your work-around.

Posted Thu, 07 Feb 2019 21:42:42 GMT by Josef Zayats


the idea is to create a special FC Logging Agent that logs ACCESS(open) to documents and then to create Select List based on a SQL statement that uses the logging table to find a docid of the most recently opened document and from that ID, selects entry in the keyword table. Select list used in the stamp. Instead of SQL statement in the Select List you could use a database view created with the same logic (The view will show dwkeywords for DocID that corresponds to the most recently opened document from the Logging table)

If a single stamp/select list used for all users there is a statistical risk that another user opens another document between time 1st user opens a document and applies the stamp to it. If you want to prevent this - you can create separate Select lists for each of the stamping users, and issue individual stamps to iusers using that user's select list - - a lot of Administration effort, but does achieve your need.

Seems the same is possible in 7, but the logging table already there (named FCNAME_AUD).

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