• Creating users via Platform SDK

    Has anyone seen a code sample to create new DocuWare users via the Platform SDK? (7.1 Cloud). 

    Update. Found a sample code to create users thru gihub site here

  • RE: Moving a system


    Phil Robson published an article on this forum on how to move DW7 system. I posted a copy of the article at the link above.
  • RE: 5.1C desktop client and Windows 10

    this is a known issue with the old Docuware Windows client and newer Windows OS. DocuWare chosen not to fix it. Your only way around is to preconfigure result lists with the sort order they may need. Possibly multiple SearchDialogs/corresponding Result Lists with different sort orders. 
  • Notification Email - multiline memo field

    So I have a memo filed that is multi-line and displayed as such in DocuWare client.
    I configured this field to be used in an E-mail notification as a text displayed for the document link, but it all shows on a single line in the e-mail.
    I tried to inject EOL and CR and HTML <br/>  characters into the MSSQL column, but still comes on a single line.
    Has anyone managed to find a way around this - other than custom trigger based e-mail or Workflow manager?
  • RE: Forms adding Signature automatically.

    we created bitmap DocuWare stamps - each with an image of manager signature and have them applied automatically by an API program as required.

  • Default Select List in a Stamp Field

    It appears that the Default Select List is not available in DocuWare Stamps fields.
    Is there any way to make it available there?
    This option would be very useful to make stamp field dropdown choices for user be customized based on the user security level. 
  • RE: Select list External txt accesability

    I use a sql script that periodically checks if the file has been modified since last time and if so loads it into a sql table that I use for the select list.
    Alternatively, a Windows script can do the same thing: check if users changed the file and copy it to another location which Docuware uses for select list file location. 
  • RE: Check-out and ad-hoc editing

    thank you very much for your reply.
    I've found out that the condition is controlled by bit 1 (second bit from the right) of  column DWVERSIONSTATE in main FC table (DW 7. and 7.1)
    Bit 0 of this column indicates that the document is currently checked out (and is automatically reset back to 0 after the document is checked-in) , and bit 2 indicates that the document had been edited ad-hoc.
    So it seems if I run a script that runs often and changes values of "2" or "6" in this column to "4" - everything works as expected: the document now may be edited ad-hoc and also may be checked-out. Also preview previous version function still seems to work . So the SQL script could be a workaround for on-Premise system, but can't be sure if this not causing any other issues
  • Check-out and ad-hoc editing

    I just discovered a DocuWare feature that is an 'intended behavior' - according to DocuWare, but surely is not an expected behavior - at least for me and my users.
    Did you know that after a document has been checked out and then checked in, an ad-hoc editing (via Edit function) is no longer available.
    Has anyone found a workaround?
  • RE: Only text displayed when logging into web client

    I have seen this happen and in my case it was the particular user settings (in Docuware database) that were corrupt.
    So what I did - may not be the best solution - I deleted and re-created the user with the same group/roles configuration.
    Before deleting the user I suggest you try login on the same computer with a different Docuware user.