• RE: Store individual email attachments as individual files instead of one clipped document

    this option is available in version 7.3, for both in C2O and C2M under section Import Options/Attachments/Separation - see below

    ********************* Below is pasted from C2M (General Email) configuration screen of V7.3 *******************

  • Getting Sample JS Node Store Validation to work

    I've been trying to get the Duplicate Invoices check Store Validation JS Node webservice to work. I thought it would be pretty simple to adapt the sample for such a service Docuware has available on its Developers website.
    So, after spending a lot of effort on this, the service that is accessing my Docuware Cloud system (7.2)  runs correctly only once or twice before giving me 401 error, and then I have to wait awhile before I can use the service again.
    401 error means Authentication problem, and most likely the license I use to access Docuware system is not being released from previous access. I've been told that I need to use Token instead of username/password login for attempts after the 1st one. Unfortunately I have no idea how to that in the JS program. Can anyone assist? I have the following code - this is exactly how it came from the downloaded sample. 
    exports.isDuplicateInvoice = function (fileCabinetGUID, invoiceNo) {
        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {    
            var CookieJar = unirest.jar(true);

            //logon to DW PLATFORM and retrieve cookie;
            unirest.post(DWparameters.DWPlatformUrl + '/Account/Logon')
            .headers({'Accept': 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'})
            .send({ 'UserName': DWparameters.DWPlatformUser, 'Password': DWparameters.DWPlatfromPassword, 'Organization': DWparameters.DWPlatformOrganization, 'RememberMe': false, 'RedirectToMyselfInCaseOfError': true })
            .end(function (response) {
                unirest.post(DWparameters.DWPlatformUrl + '/FileCabinets/'+ fileCabinetGUID +'/Query/DialogExpression?dialogId='+ DWparameters.DWSearchDialogGUIDForInvoiceSearch +'&format=table')
                .headers({'Accept': 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/json'})
                .send({ 'Condition':[
                    { 'DBName':DWparameters.fieldNameDOCNUMBER, 'Value': [invoiceNo] },
                .end(function (response) {
                    if (response.error) {
                        return reject(new Error(response.error.message));

                    try {
                        var resultCount = response.body.Count.Value;
                        return resolve(resultCount == 0);                
                    } catch (error) {
                        return reject(new Error("Unable to retrieve similar invoices. Error:" + error));
  • Running Docuware Sample Node.JS Validation

    So I am trying to run the sample node validation on my local server and have it accessed from Docuware Cloud system.
    I followed instructions to download/install/configure and run the supplied sample. It is running, but I can't access it from my cloud system.
    Are their any missing requirements for my local server, such as open ports, SSL certificate, IIS iconfiguration to make this to work (So far I opened port 4444 but that did not make a difference)
    Has anyone got this to work and would share details?
    Thanks in advance. 
  • RE: Field Mask to limit the number of characters allowed

    Steve, try this for length of 20
    or this for range of lengths
  • Backup/Restore System Settings

    In earlier versions we could backup and restore Docuware system settings and that enabled process of migrating from mySQL to MSSQL.
    But now you only can backup/restore organization settings which does not include - among other things - Database connections and storage locations. Storage locations cannot be simply re-created as they referenced not only by name, but by GUIDs. This makes migration process somewhat even more complex.
    Does anyone know of a way to restore system settings when migrating from mySQL to MSSQL database?
  • Importing Request FCab in 7.3

    Has anyone succeeded?
    I am trying to import A FC created with Request Export, but can't figure our nor find any information on what exactly needs to be copied to Request  storage location for the Request Export function see the File Cabinet to be exported.
    Do I copy the content of the zipped file into the root of storage location? or do I copy the whole zip-file container? Whatever I try I still can't see the File Cabinet to be exported.
    Also could not find any description of the export screen. 
  • RE: Unable to Annotate Document

    the most probable cause would be that these documents have a stamp applied to them that was configured as a 'signature' stamp - that would preclude any further annotations
  • Send Emails from Docuware in HTML format?

    When e-mailing a document from Docuware client, the Outlook item with the document attached is created as Plain Text e-mail. (User can manually change it to HTML before sending)
    Is there a way to change this behavior so the item created is automatically in HTML format?
  • DW Workflow - e-mail activity. Attach another document?

    Is there a way to attach another document (not the one that triggered the workflow instance) to an e-mail within DW workflow?
    Has anyone tried this? and hopefully succeeded? If not, has this been posted as an idea?
  • RE: Sync after migration from source cabinet and target cabinet that are the same?????

    I have done this only once, and it was not by choice but out of necessity. Not an easy task. By no means this is recommended by Docuware. Make a good database backup and take all Docuware services down
    The reason the sync is not working is that GUIDs of both FCs are the same.
    So you'd need to change the GUID of the FC on one of the systems. This only can be done directly in dwsystem database. I suggest you install a sql tool that allows you to search for a value within the whole database and replace it with a new value.
    You'd also need to make the same change in two tables in dwdata. Also, rename file at a root folder of each of the FC disks.