Posted Thu, 08 Sep 2022 23:11:35 GMT by Jameel Al Jazara

I've been scrapping the internet for a solution for this for the past few weeks so I figured I'd ask the community or maybe the staff might assist.


The goal is to be able to Update an index field using REST API. I have follow the documentation very carefully but yet no luck. 

Here's my sample code below:  (Btw using postman for testing and i know my way around the authentication step)

First I will authenticate/log in by using this code below and then save my cookie:

(The credentials are fake so dont bother using this url yourself..)

Second, I will call the update the index field by using the PUT method and the url mentioned below:

Body: (JSON)

    "Field":[ { "FieldName":"ZIP_CODE", "Item": 1, "ItemElementName":"Int"} ]

After submission I dont recieve an error but rather a status 200 ok however the changes/update are not made.. Iv been stuck trying to figure this out for a while guys and I truly need some help.

Iv tried using the json and xml method and followed the documentation fully regarding to updating an index field but no luck.

Any hints or tips regarding this issue is much appreciated,

Thanks in advance!
Posted Fri, 09 Sep 2022 13:11:32 GMT by Joe Kaufman Bell Laboratories Inc No longer there
The URL for updating the indexes does not look correct to me. First off, is your Organization ID really a GUID? Ours is just "1".

Next, you are not referencing a file cabinet, so I am not sure how that URL works. What I have used in the past would look more like:{file cabinet GUID}/Documents/{DocID}/Fields

You do not need the Account, Login, or Organization any longer because you are already authenticated. (Also, you have slashes doubled up between the site URL and "DocuWare".)

We then use XML post data for the indexes, a collection of Field nodes inside an enclosing DocumentIndexFields node. We use a POST.

My guess is that you are getting a successful result because that is the success of logging in. It is not actually trying to set the indexes because you have not told it which file cabinet you are operating on, and maybe because you are using a PUT and not a POST?

Good luck!

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