Posted Thu, 13 May 2021 21:49:15 GMT by Michael Weingand Professional Services Manager
I have a WorkFlow with a Task and the first Decision is setup with a user Dialog select a Name from a list. I have assigned the data to both a field on the document and variable. I then want to Assign too option to use the Assigned By Workflow Field but it is blank. How do i use the Name in the variable to go into the assign field too. 

Breakdown of what I doing with this task.
This step of the workflow is to notify a user as normal and then open the document and with the task they assign to a person in a drop down list.  This then propagates the field of assigned to and assigns the document to that person. The next step notifies the person selected in the last step.
Posted Tue, 18 May 2021 14:28:24 GMT by Craig Heintz SE
You have to use a User variable to be able to have WF assign it.  A text field or variable will no longer work.

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