• RE: Filtered Profile - Right Click Menu Behavior

    Here are screen shots
  • Filtered Profile - Right Click Menu Behavior

    Has anyone else experienced that when 2 filter profiles are assigned to a Role like this:
    1.  DocumentType=Invoice (search, view, export)
    2.  Document Type=Invoice and Security=Locked (search, View)

    When a user does a search and the result list includes documents that have a mix of both match scenarios above, when a user opens either document match, the viewer tools will change based on which match exists.  For instance the download tool will gray out when match#2 matches.
    However, in the result list, if I right click the same document, the Download link is still there.  If I click it it begins the action but then opens a new window and errors out with a permissions reason.

    So here is my question...Is there any way to make the viewer tools and the right click menu work the same?
  • RE: Clean up User accounts -> csv file?

    If you can get to the database tables there is a table in DWSYSTEM db DWUSERS then you can do it.
  • RE: Store permissions without Edit permissions?

    Not sure what version you are on.  I have been able to accomplish something like that with this with a custom profile set like this in v7.1
    This user can store only and not search or view docs.  It might give you a clue if you are on an older version.
  • Workflow Condition - Syntax

    In v6.12 Workflow, I had a Variable (GV_data) that was filled with a result of a DB lookup that looked for duplicates and returned one of the duplicate dwdocid numbers (as text) and filled the variable.  So for each invoice triggered this variable would end up as either a dwdocid or no data at all (empty).

    Then in the following conditional step I would evaluate for GV_data = "" 
    if it matched then it would not be a duplicate and if it did not match (because a dwdocid was returned in the variable) it would mark it as a duplicate.

    Now that being said, I upgraded the customer to v7.2 and all of their workflows operated correctly except for this one.  It would just hang and never give an error output or anything.

    So my question:  Is there a new syntax in v7.2 to do a conditional task for an empty vairable data? 
  • RE: DW v7 with AD Sync - SSO?-1533041962

    SSO to in a Organizations cloud set up is simple and only requires AD.

    SSO to another organizations (DW Cloud) usually requires Federated Services for Active Directory.  Not something that a lot of small companies would have enabled.  

    Add to that some DW under the covers structure that would make it difficult and we are best to wait for a stable and working solution.
  • Folder View

    Looking for ideas on how folder view can be used in HR environment with 1000 employees

    Setting up a folder based on employee number or name will create a long scroll list to go thru to find the employees root folder.

    Having a search at the folder level would be wonderful but is not a feature.

    Anyone have an idea of how this could work?
  • v7.1 Required Fields

    In v6.12 there was a permission if assigned that allowed a user to ignore a required field.
    Is there a permission somewhere in v7.1 that does the same thing.
  • RE: AD Synchronization

    There are two ways to populate users.  User Synchronization Tool (outside of Admin Tool) and the User Sync in Admin tool.

    User Synchronization Tool - The performance can depend on DW version and patch level.  I found that the tool works way better in 7.1 than 7.0

    User Sync - Go into the LDAP set section and use the test line to see what DW can see.  In the test sometimes you have to check the box for  "Show users of sub groups as well".  If this makes your users show up when you go to the group in the test, then you will have to check the "Synchronize users in sub groups as well" box in the User Sync under the Org area.

    Might help?
  • DW Printer stops working after Windows 10, version 1903 installed

    Has anyone else experienced that after Windows 10, version 1903 is installed the DW Printer appears to be working but the print jobs go no where and do not show in the Desktop App history?

    The issue can be resolved by fully uninstalling DTA and reinstalling.

    Looking for specifics to prevent from having to do the full measure for the fix.