Since we have released many DocuWare versions in the past, it can be confusing from which DocuWare version you can update. The following chart shows you the possible update paths you can choose, to get to your desired DocuWare version.

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* recommended update path


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NOTE: An ODBC file cabinet can be open in any version of DocuWare. DocuWare 5 thick client (Windows client) is a hybrid version that can act like a DocuWare 4 client. In other words, you can register or create any DocuWare 4 ODBC file cabinet with a DocuWare 5.x thick client. This will facilitate the conversion from DocuWare 4 ODBC type file cabinet to any version of DocuWare 5/6.x.

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  • When was this chart published?
  • Dear Mr. Rutt,

    The chart reflects the most recent upgrade paths. This article is updated frequently, to add the upgrade path for the newest DocuWare version.

    With best regards, 

    Jean-Francois Buée
    Jr. Software Support Specialist Team BLUE EMEA