While running DocuWare.Tools.CTServerUpgrader.exe in some instances it times out.

Content Server Upgrader Tool times out if the file cabinets are quite large (contain many documents and fulltext).


  1. Stop all DocuWare Services. 
  2. In Authentication Server folder locate the file: “DocuWare.DAL.dll.config”
    Default Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Authentication Server\ Create a copy of the file, name it “DocuWare.DAL.dll.config.Copy”  
  3. Modify “DocuWare.DAL.dll.config” file with the following:
  • Uncomment 2nd line dataSettings (by removing <!-- from the beginning and from the end --> ONLY)
  • Change LongCommandTimeout=”600” to3600”
  • Change ConnectionTimeout=”30” to 1200”
  • Change CommandTimeout:”120” to 3600”
  • Comment 5th line <dataSettings (by adding <!-- at the beginning and at end --> ONLY)

5.   Save file
6.   Copy this new modified “DocuWare.DAL.dll.config” file and paste it in the Content Server folder.
      Default Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Content Server\
7.   Start Authentication Server.
8.  Proceed to run DocuWare.Tools.CTServerUpgrader.exe
9.  After successful completion, start all DocuWare Services.