The installation of the latest Updates (formerly known as HotfixPacks) is highly recommended for all DocuWare systems. Your DocuWare system is always kept up-to-date by installing the latest Update.
Starting with DocuWare 7, updates are integrated into the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an update, you need to download the DocuWare setup files again.

Download link DocuWare 7.1:
Download link DocuWare 7.2:
Download link DocuWare 7.3:
Download link DocuWare 7.4:
Download link DocuWare 7.5:
Download link DocuWare 7.6:
Download link DocuWare 7.7:
Download link DocuWare 7.8:
Download link DocuWare 7.9:

As soon as new Hotfixes are available, an updated version of the DocuWare installation package is provided, including all fixes and improvements.
With running the familiar setup routine again, the latest improvements are installed on your existing DocuWare system.
For new installations, downloading the latest version of the setup files ensures that the DocuWare system is up-to-date after finishing the installation.

To run the update, you need the following information:

  1. DocuWare Service user login credentials (Windows administrator)
  2. Database login credentials
  3. DocuWare administrator login credentials
  4. latest DocuWare license file

Before you start the installation:

  1. Please make sure that you have a current backup of the system. This includes documents, databases, and a file backup of the DocuWare installation folder
  2. Verify that the DocuWare setup ZIP file is not blocked (KBA-35001)

After finishing the installation:

  1. Clear the browser cache
  2. Update the DocuWare Desktop Apps
  3. All manual adaptations that were made in config or settings files have to be done again
Comments (3)
  • Could we get clarification on this statement "All manual adaptations which were made in config or settings files have to be done again".  What config or settings files is this referencing?
  • That is referring to any changes to a config file you may have made. Like if you use Full Text indexing and it runs every night, but you only want it to run on the weekends. That change would have to be made in a config file. After this update you will need to go back into the config file and make that change again.
  • ***FIXED*** 7.7 link is wrong and download 7.6 instead.