Since DocuWare 7, Updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an Update you need to download the DocuWare setup files again.
The included improvements are described in the following article. This article is always updated on the last Friday of each month as part of a so-called PatchDay.

Before you install the Update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions!

Setup updated on: 2020-01-07
Download link:


Included improvements:


  • Workflow Designer: Multi column select list in combination with Local Data Connector cannot be used
  • Configuration: Error "newLockTypes" when trying to access SMTP configuration after reloading
  • Autoindex: Autoindex job does not start when .csv file is too large


  • Workflow Manager: Filtering a large task list takes a very long time
  • Synchronization: Option "remove deleted documents also in target file cabinet" does not work between two organizations
  • Workflow Manager: It is not possible to approve multiple tasks
  • Workflow Manager: Workflow history is not sorted correctly
  • Workflow Manager: No instances will be created for a file cabinet that has been created by importing a file cabinet settings file (Oracle only)
  • Autoindex: "File Count has changed" does not work as trigger condition
  • Connect to Mail: Storing an e-mail does not use the local time zone of the client
  • User Synchronization: Empty Active Directory user group makes synchronization stop working
  • Autoindex: A new index field is not recognized as match code
  • Connect to Mail: Using the value "Names of attachment" for indexing doesn't work


  • Connect to Mail: Configuration assignment for roles is not stored correctly and throws an error
  • Web Client: Parts of Chinese translation missing
  • Stamps: Brazilian time zone wrong when placing stamps
  • Connect to Mail: Configurations get disabled because file path exceeds length limitation for very long document names


  • Workflow Manager: Wrong user assignment when selecting multiple users in workflow task
  • Autoindex: Altering the trigger of a copied Autoindex job alters the original job
  • Workflow Manager: Parallel task sends out notification about task assignment instead of escalation reminder email
  • User Synchronisation: Network ID will not be created
  • Connect to Mail: Configurations get disabled on wrong error messages
  • Autoindex: Instant Autoindex configuration cannot be set to inactive
  • Autoindex: Instant Autoindex stops working consecutively
  • Workflow Manager: Documents can be opened from task list even though users do not have the required permission
  • Setup: Settings Service is not installed when installing backend server only
  • Stamps: Stamps fill index fields even though users do not have the required permission


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  • Could you include the build numbers on this document please?
  • Dear Mr. French,

    Thank you very much for your idea.
    We will try to realize your suggestion in one of our next PatchDays.

    Best regards,

    Catharina Hohenberger
    Director Support Team PURPLE EMEA