The following error message is presented when attempting to upload a document that includes a XML data file; 

"There is an error in XML document (#, #)"

This error indicates that a location in the XML file contains an unsupported character which is causing issues with the upload. In regards to the importation of XML files into DocuWare, there are three characters that are invalid that result in the above error message.
These three invalid characters include < > and &. When values containing these characters are encountered, you will need to escape them.

An example of passing invalid data, such as utilizing "&", would resemble the following:

<Field FieldName="COMPANY_NAME"> 

<String>Peters Engineering & Flying Toms</String> 


Now, an example on how to escape the "&" can be seen in the following, 


<Field FieldName="COMPANY_NAME"> 

<String>Peters Engineering &amp; Flying Toms</String> 


Once in DocuWare, the &amp; will be read as "&" and will appear as Peters Engineering & Flying Toms in DocuWare.

To summarize, the following are invalid characters and what we'd use to escape them.
< = &lt;
> = &gt;
& = &amp;

KBA is applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.