• problem conect intelligentindexing.

    A day ago I am getting a connection error with intelligent indenxing I tried generating a new connection to II from the admin but the error
    keep going.
    At this moment I have connection to the modelsplaces at http: // localhost / IntelligentIndexing /
    I urgently request a remote session
  • SMTP error

    Hi, I have just configured my system but I don't know where I can correct the following error.

    I think I have to enter the credentials again.

    The SMTP server does not support authentication.

    thank u
  • RE: Crear bandeja


    I am trying to create a tray in my new Docuware system however the storage location is not appearing to me
  • template generation


    I want to know if, as with web forms, there is another way to fill documents in the tool.

    I do not speak of auto filling in fields if I cannot generate documents as is done with the forms.

    Thank you
  • Crear bandeja


    Estoy intentando crear una bandeja en mi nuevo sistema Docuware  sin embargo no me está apareciendo la ubicación de almacenamiento 

  • Permission to Use SQL Statements

    Hi good day

    I am trying to generate an SQL statement in a selection list but the option is disabled, I assumed it was due to lack of permission and indeed when entering the admin and trying to grant the permission "USE SQL STATEMENTS" throws me an error How I solve this error?
  • licencia

    I am re-installing our server but I need to have the license, from where can I get it?

    thank you.
  • server migration 7.1 to 7.2

    Good day

    It turns out that we will make a physical server change that is currently in v dw 7.1

    to a more robust one which should have version dw 7.2 with the data workflows and forms of the previous one.

    Therefore, I would like to know if there is a step-by-step procedure for this purpose that includes database and application migration.

    Thank you.
  • URL Creator

    I want to create a link for a list called "Selection Requests" and I am using docuWAre URL Creator however I don't know where to get the data "Viewer Windows Name" "guid" I suppose it is the id of the archive.
    "Search Dialog Guid" and I don't know where to get this data.
  • RE: Send a link to a form.

    for the changes that I have made I have made new information records

    They can generate a ticket