How can a file cabinet storage location be changed or moved?

There will be scenarios where your hard drive or storage locations may get full and you may want to move parts or the entire storage location to a new storage media (hard drive). Here are some quick guidelines in moving a storage location to a new hard drive:

  • Open the DocuWare Administration tool at the DocuWare server.
  • Create a new storage location with the new hard drive. To do so, right click at system level on storage location and select “Create New Storage Location”.
  • Name the storage location and define what it will be used for.
  • Define the path of the new hard drive.


Option 1: If you are moving the entire storage location then you have to move the images in file system first and then you will go to the specific storage location and change the path of the existing storage location to the new storage location. 

Option 2: If you want to store only the new documents (data) in the new storage location, then you have to create a new logical disk in the specific file cabinet, with the link to the new storage location. To do this right click the file cabinet and then select “Create logical disk”.

Create a new logical disk and the change the "Disk storage location" to the new storage location, that was created in the system level.

Change the current disk to the last logical disk, this way it becomes the current storage disk.  All new documents, that you store in this file cabinet will be stored in a new logical disk, which is located at the new hard drive. 


Option 3: If you want to move parts of the file cabinet, then you have to copy the logical disk in file system from the old location to the new location and then eventually change the storage location under each logical disk. Here are some screenshots to demonstrate the process. 

Now, you need to change logical disk to the new storage location.