If you try to upload documents to your DocuWare system using the DocuWare Desktop Apps (DocuWare Printer, DocuWare Import or the DocuWare Scan App) the following error occurs: "The document processing on server side is taking longer than expected.". This error will be shown in the log files of the DocuWare Desktop and also in the tray notification.

To solve this behavior please follow these steps:

  • Stop the DocuWare Job Processor services. 
  • Open the file "... \DocuWare\Web\JobServer\web.config" on the server where DocuWare is installed
  • In this file you will find the key JobProcessorAuthenticationToken, please copy the value of this key:
    <add key="JobProcessorAuthenticationToken" value="6f5ad9e8-7e30-47ba-bb10-faa6a3b19035f0a73255-5549-4197-a545-4f0194044439" />
  • Open the file "...\DocuWare\JobProcessor\DocuWare.JobProcessor.exe.config"
  • Add the copied value to the key JobServerAuthenticationToken:
    <add key="JobServerAuthenticationToken" value="6f5ad9e8-7e30-47ba-bb10-faa6a3b19035f0a73255-5549-4197-a545-4f0194044439" />
  • Save the changes and start the DocuWare Job Processor again

All documents should now be processed. Note: Also all the queued documents are processed one after another now!

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