In certain combinations and installations unsolvable issues using the DocuWare Printer may occur. Additionally, it might be not possible to print pdf files or from some applications, e.g. SAP.

After trying to solve the issue using the solutions provided in the Support Solution Center or contacting the DocuWare support to no avail, the next step would be to use the alternative DocuWare postscript printer called "DocuWare Printer PS". It should solve the issues described above and is available using the following download link: DocuWare Printer PS

DocuWare Printer PS needs to be installed in addition to DocuWare Printer on all client machines.

  • Unzip the provided archive file
  • ​Start the "Setup.exe" from the extracted folder
  • "DocuWare Printer PS" will be installed combined with the needed "Ghostscript Lite" files

Silent Installation

  1. You need to read and accept the license terms by starting the DocuWare Printer PS setup without any parameters
  2. Download the additionally needed Ghostscript installation file:
    For your attention: This software package is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
  3. Save the file "gslite.exe" in the same folder that you used to save the DocuWare Printer PS setup
  4. Run the command "Setup.exe /help" to retrieve all information about possible startup parameters
  5. To start the silent installation run the command "Setup.exe /verysilent"


  • Using the application's name as a criterion for the printer configuration is not possible
  • Printing documents containing transparency is not supported by Postscript
  • Creating pdf files might be slower in comparison to DocuWare Printer

Please send us a short feedback about your experiences using DocuWare Printer PS.
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