How to export multiple documents in FortisBlue?

In order to export multiple documents in FortisBlue, you'll need the Workflow option:

On the Admin Station go to Workflow. Then proceed to Global Action Objects where you will create a new Document & Data Export process. This leads to Step 1 of the process.
Step 1

  1. Enter the Name, Description, and Document Type. The Document Type being most important since these are the type of documents that we want to ultimately export.
  2. Enter a Valid user account for the next section where you'll also have the chance to test it to ensure it's valid.
  3. On the Data File Settings tab, this is where you'll choose the location of the Data file which will hold the index data of your exported documents. Next, you'll enter the name of the file and you'll choose 1 of 2 options.
    - Create - Will create a new Data file if none exist and will consist of 1 line. If there currently is a data file at the given location, then it will be overwritten.
    - Append - Will add new lines of data to an existing document. If none exist, then a new data file will be made.
  4. On the Data Format Settings tab, you'll choose whether the Data file will be in a Delimited Format, or an XML Format.
  5. On the Document Settings tab, You'll check the box to export documents. Underneath you will fill out the location that the exported documents will be placed. You can include what format they will be exported as (PDF, TIFF, Original).

Now that we have the Document & Data Export action created, now we have to create a Step for it.

Step 2
On the left pane for Workflow, Expand Processes and select Steps creating a new one.

  1. On the General Settings tab, you'll fill out the Name, Description, and Document Type. Also you will Add any Stop Roles if needed.
  2. On the Query Settings tab, you'll choose the Query which will be run that will be grabbing the files you want to export.
  3. On the Action Settings tab,  you'll create a button which you can customize. (For this you only need to create the button.)
  4. On the Field Settings tab, you can choose which fields are visible and hidden.

At this point we're ready to put everything together by creating a new process by going to Processes and selecting Create.

Step 3
This section is pretty straightforward as all you need to do here is enter Name, Description, and Document Type as usual, then Adding the Step that you just created.

Press Save then your Export Documents & Data process is complete.

To Run this Process simply login to a User Client as one of the designated users for this Workflow then choose to Run the process. You should recieve a list of results from the Query which will be ran, then you can select all documents you want exported then click the button "Export" to finish the process.

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