You suspect that the problems with storing and editting documents is being caused by deadlocks in the database. How can you Setup MSSQL Database DeadLock Logging?

Open up the program SQL Server Profiler. From there you are going to select "File", then "New Trace".
Name your Trace, then select "Save to file", after that you are going to select the location you want to save the trace log to:

Now select the tab "Events Selection". Check off the box for "Show all events". Under the "Event Column" you are going to expand Locks, then check off "Deadlock graph" and "Lock:Deadlock":

Run the tool after setting up the above parameters and replicate the process that is causing deadlocks.
Once you recieve deadlocks you can open a support request and upload the logging data in the testdata of the case for review by the DocuWare Technical Support.

Many Database Deadlocks are caused by external Triggers. External triggers are not supported by DocuWare. The DocuWare Support will ask you to deactivate them.