While opening the DocuWare Web Client only a blank/white page is shown in the browser.

This behavior has been solved with a hotfix for DocuWare version 6.10, 6.11 and 6.12.

Which hotfix you need to install depends on the DocuWare version that is in use on your system:

In case you have installed the HotfixPack for the DocuWare version 6.12, you also have to disable the bundling in the Web Client manually, after you applied the HotfixPack.
To disable the asset bundling, you must edit the web.config file in the folder "<DocuWare>\Web\Platform".
Please search for the parameter "MinifyComponents" and change the value from "true" to "false":

  • <add key="MinifyComponents" value="false" />

You should disable the asset bundling only, if the bundling does not work in your environment - e.g. you still have the blank web client page" behavior, even if you have installed the hotfix.

If the bundling is disabled, the loading time of the Web Client is increased by some seconds, and your web server must deliver many more files compared to bundled assets – which can increase the load on your server. In doubt, contact DocuWare Support.