After running a Transfer or Synchronization job, the following error is presented;

“Document with docid xxx failed”.

To find these documents, we must search by the DOCID of the document, which is not possible unless you implement the following:

1. Create a new Database Field in the desired File Cabinet with a type of Numeric

2. Create an Autoindex job using the newly created field as the trigger with the following:

3. Under the Match Data tab, the source will be theFile Cabinet Databaseoption. From the dropdown, select the same File Cabinet we are running the Autoindex job on. 
(For example, I am running this job on a “Test Documents” file cabinet. So, under “File cabinet database,” I will select the “Test Documents” file cabinet.)

The Matchcode will be “DOCID is equal DOCID” as seen below:

4. The “Assign Data” tab can stay empty as seen below: 

5. Under the “Write Back” tab, we will select ‘Change Data Records’ option, and configure our new Numeric field to be filled with DOC ID as seen below:

Once the job has run, you will see the new field populated with the corresponding Documents DOCID.

KBA is applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.