How can I create a symbol stamp without using bitmap?


If you are creating a stamp for the first time, please see

In your stamp, do the following:

1. From the drop down list of fonts, select the symbol package seen below

2. Use the Key below to access a few of the symbols provided

Key         Symbol
a             Checkmark
s             Question Mark
c             Ballot Box (checkbox)
x            Not Allowed Circle
n            Filled in Circle
r             Multiplication X
i             Information Symbol
3            Left Arrow
4            Right Arrow
5            Up Arrow
6            Down Arrow
0            Solid Underscore
Dash      Ribbon

You can use any of the keys above to create the symbol stamp.

You can specify Indexing for your Stamp as well, such as predefined entries, or fixed entries for a specific cabinet, or you can make the stamp available across all File Cabinets/Document Trays

Use Case Scenario for a Symbol Stamp
The need to approve line items on a document.

In this scenario, we may want to choose the option of "Stamp remains selected and can be used multiple times in succession" as seen below

Then, you could apply a "Checkmark" symbol for example, multiple times on a document to approve line items.

As seen above, the Stamp is applied, with a Predefined entry of "Current Date" along with the approval Check mark symbol.