How to create a personal stamp in version 7.3 or higher?

Please refer to the following guide on how to create a personal stamp;

1. Access the "Configurations" page via the drop down next to the user name.

2. Select the "Stamps" plugin.

3. When you select New Stamp, you will have the option for a Text Stamp or an Image Stamp.

4. For this example, a Text Stamp was chosen. This stamp can be customized by adding text or indexes to be displayed on stamp.

5. Here, you may select "Add user input" to define a field for user input.

6. On the "Indexing" tab, you can select the file cabinet for the Stamp assignment.
You may also define database fields to be updated when your stamp is applied if needed.

7. On the "Behavior" tab, you can select what happens after the stamp is applied.

8. On the "Permissions" tab, select Personal use to make this a personal stamp that is only available to the creator of stamp.

9. After creation of Stamp, refresh the Web Client. When saving your next document, your new stamp will be available.

10. This is what our new stamp looks like once it has been used on the document.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.

Comments (2)
  • When a company wants an approval stamp (for example when having an approval task and one of the decision is Approved), when will it be available to have first name and last name in the stamp instead of username?
    Now with single sign on the username has to be the same as in Azure AD. But in a signature "michael.peeters" doesn't really look professional. People would rather see "Michael Peeters".
    When will it be able to select First name and last name for example? And not just Username.
  • This allows end users to create their own stamps that could break workflows that are used for workflows using Task Manager.  Unfortunately, DocuWare does not view this as an issue. It would be helpful to hide the ability to create personal stamps.