You have documents with various dashes or other symbols that are not searchable via Fulltext. The reason for this is that Fulltext filters out most symbols by default. We have the option to configure Fulltext to not filter certain values.


  1. Verify that the system is on version 7.2 or higher. This functionality did not exist until version 7.2.
  2. Add the following value in dwmachine.config found in %ProgramData%\DocuWare\ServerConfig:
    <Setting Key="FulltextConfigPath" Value="%ProgramData%\DocuWare\ServerConfig\DocuWare.Fulltext.settings" Encrypted="false"/> on all servers.
  3. Create a new Text file, copy and paste the following content, save the file with name "DocuWare.Fulltext.settings", place the file in the following path: %ProgramData%\DocuWare\ServerConfig
    *Note: If the desired character is not included in the below list, you may alter the file to include it.

    <section name="SpecialSymbolsConfiguration" type="DocuWare.Fulltext.SpecialSymbolsConfigSection, DocuWare.FulltextCommon" />
    <symbol value="-"/>
    <symbol value="—"/>
    <symbol value="–"/>
    <symbol value="‒"/>
    <symbol value="-"/>
    <symbol value="−"/>
    <symbol value="("/>
    <symbol value=")"/>
    <symbol value="<"/>
    <symbol value=">"/>
    <symbol value="{"/>
    <symbol value="}"/>
    <symbol value="+"/>
    <symbol value="="/>
    <symbol value="!"/>
    <symbol value="#"/>
    <symbol value="%"/>

  4. Reboot the server