Why do I get an error message in my tool that my requests are throttled?

To prevent you from putting too much strain on your own cloud system, too frequent requests are throttled.
The reason for this is that too frequent requests that are not necessary can have a negative impact on your workflows.

Currently, the following requests are throttled and limited to:
FunctionalityThrottlingAPI Uri
Account Logins (starting 6. April 2022)60 calls per minute/Account/Logon
File Cabinet Description60 calls per Minute/FileCabinets

This means, for example, that if a client tries to log in more than 60 times in a minute, the 61th login request is throttled.
Throttling means:
  • Normally, a request is delivered within a few milliseconds. When a request is throttled, the response is sent after 10 seconds.
  • The HTTP status 429 status code is returned.
  • The request will not be processed. Your application has to send the request again
If you receive an HTTP status of 429, please check your platform application carefully.
An optimized platform application helps you and all other DocuWare users to get a faster response from your DocuWare cloud system.
You can find a best practices example on how to deal with throttling on our Developer's homepage 

Please note that throttling only applies to SDK tools that connect to the DocuWare platform. Actions within the web client that are performed by a user are not throttled.

If a platform application uses the same DocuWare user login as a DocuWare client (e.B. desktop app) and the visible IP address for the DocuWare server is the same,
then it can also happen that the DocuWare client is throttled.
The reason is that the application server counts all requests of an organization per time period. If, for example, the platform application has already
requested "FileCabinets/Index" 60 times in one minute and then the desktop app also tries to get this information, then the desktop app is throttled. It is therefore
important that all platform applications are carefully programmed to avoid further problems or side effects.

On 6. April 2022, throttling is introduced in the Identity Service. That means that certain requests will be blocked if they exceed a threshold. Currently, there is a limit of

60 requests per minute for the following endpoints:

  • All POST requests to the Account controller - all paths that start with “/Account”
  • All requests to the Identity Service API - all paths that start with “/api”
  • All requests to the OIDC authorize endpoint - all paths that start with “/connect/authorize”
  • All requests to the OIDC token endpoint - all paths that start with “/connect/token”

When the threshold is reached the endpoints will return a response like this:

  • Status code: HTTP status code 429 (Too Many Requests)
  • Retry-After: 58 (HTTP header)
  • Content: API calls quota exceeded! maximum admitted 60 per 1m.

If the threshold is still not reached the response contains the following headers:

  • X-Rate-Limit-Limit: the rate limit period (eg. 1m, 12h, 1d)
  • X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: number of request remaining
  • X-Rate-Limit-Reset: UTC date time (ISO 8601) when the limits resets

KBA is applicable to Cloud Organizations ONLY.

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