How can I customize the DocuWare login page?

Please follow the steps detailed in this article to customize your DocuWare login page:
Note: This is only applicable for On-Premise DocuWare systems!

   1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Web\Platform\Content\branding (or the drive where your DocuWare installation is on) and make a copy of the "custom.css.template" file.

   2. Rename the original file from "custom.css.template" to "custom.css" your directory should look like the image below


   3. Make sure the image you'll want to use is placed in the directory above.

   4. Open the "custom.css" file and look for the first "body #loginBox" tag and replace the 'custom_logo_svg' value with the exact file name between the single quotes (including file extension) of the image you placed in the directory above.

   5. Save the file and perform an IISRESET from CMD and your customization should be present on the login screen.
   For how to correctly reset IIS, please follow this article: knowledgebase/article/KBA-34532