How to retry workflow tasks using the Workflow Management Studio Tool

In order to retry tasks which are stuck in a workflow, please do the following, 

  1. Make a backup of the DocuWare databases.
  2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Power Tools, right click on "DocuWare.Workflow.ManagementSudio.exe then choose "Run as Administrator"
  3. Once opened, select the Organization listed to access the workflow information.
  4. From the upper left pane, this will list all workflows that are configured in the system. 
  5. To the left of the workflow name, click on the arrow to expand the list which will display all versions of that workflow. 
  6. Go to the latest version which is currently running, or the version which the stuck task is currently on (This can be found from the Workflow History) then click on the elipsis to pull up a list of all tasks on the bottom left pane. 

  7. This section will display all tasks which were processed in the workflow. Using the docId of the task which is stuck, search for the instance by typing the docid under the "Document Id" header. This will display the task. 

  8. Make note of the "Aggregate Id" then back on the pane above, click on the "Expired Tasks" tab. This will display all tasks which experienced issues in the workflow. 

  9. The first column "Exception" (1) will present the reason for why the task failed. 
    Using the Aggregate Id obtained earlier, type this into the textbox under the "Correlation Id" (2) including an * at the beginning. 
    An entry for this task should appear, and when found, right click then choose "Retry Task"

As long as the issue reported from the "Exceptions" column has been resolved, the task will be attempted again then should appear in the workflow task.
If the task continues to be stuck in the workflow, please have a support request created then the issue can be further looked into.