How do you activate a Connect to Mail job once it's been Deactivated due to an error?

Connect to Mail jobs will be deactivated upon encountering an error, and when this happens, an email is sent such as the following, 

Dear DocuWare user
There is an error with your account [Organization] Docuware. Emails will not be stored in DocuWare until the error is corrected.
Please note: All configurations for the account [Organization] Docuware were deactivated. Please check your configuration for errors.
In case you have to contact support or your organization administrator you can find the error details below.
[Error Message]

When the reason for the email being sent has been been addressed, in order to activate the Connect to Mail jobs again, do the following.

  1. In the Web Client, from the dropdown select "Configurations"
  2. Go to the "General Email" plugin.
  3. In the General Email section will be a list of all configured Connect to Mail jobs. To the right of each configured job will be a button which can be toggled on/off.

    1: Click here to toggle the Connect to Mail configuration on/off. A blue circle indicates an active configuration. A grey circle indicates a deactivated configuration.
    2: Click here to toggle the Email Account" using this configuration on/off.

Once set as active, they will proceed to process anything found according to the configuration.