When using Local Data Connector and trying to access an ORACLE database, you are not able to see / select the required tables / views.
Local Data Connector does not show tables / views to connect. The drop-down for selecting tables / views remains empty.
Local Data Connector is only able to visualise the tables / views of the ORACLE owner / schema, when using the ORACLE driver.
If the user you are authenticating with, is not the schema user, you
will not be able to select the corresponding tables / views.

Please enquire the database administrator, if you can receive the permission, to use the schema owner for authenticating. This will resolve the selection issue.

If this is not feasible due to constraints, then you will have to access the database via ORACLE ODBC driver, please select the appropriate driver. 
Due to the high amount of different drivers, we can not provide support for any upcoming problems: /knowledgebase/article/KBA-36009
When connecting to an ORACLE database I receive the error "ORA-00942: table or view does not exist" what should I do?
The error message indicates that the connected user is possibly not allowed to "see" the table / view. To verify if the user can access the required table / view or if it exists, please perform following steps.
  1. Authenticate to the ORACLE database via SQLPLUS / SQL DEVELOPER
  2. Adapt the following statement to look for the view / table by replacing 'OBJECT_NAME' with the name of the view / table
    SELECT *
    FROM all_objects
    WHERE object_type IN ('TABLE','VIEW')
    AND object_name = 'OBJECT_NAME';
  3. If the result of the statement remains empty, please contact your ORACLE DBA to check the permissions / grants of your user
  4. If you have received more than one result line, e.g. two tables / views with the same name but different owner, please enquire to rename the view / table name to be unique
    1. Local Data Connector is not able to fully qualify the statement to the table / view, therefore the access to the table / view has to be unique
  5. If you have received exactly one line showing the table / view, please contact support for further troubleshooting advice

For general troubleshooting tips regarding Local Data Connector please check the guide: /knowledgebase/article/KBA-36420