How can I unify the index values recognised by Intelligent Indexing?

The field filter can help Intelligent Indexing to unify the detected values.

For example, different spellings or typos on the document can be automatically corrected by Intelligent Indexing.

On this document, the recipient is "Stahlwerk München", but Intelligent Indexing should recognise "Stahlwerke München".

  1. First, a simple TXT file is created with the correct spellings that are to be recognised uniformly. Here it is important to insert only one term per line into the file and not to use any separators.

  2. Then the field filter is activated. To do this, select the item "Intelligent Indexing" in the DocuWare configuration. Then the item "Adapt field filter" must be selected.
  3. With "Add new Filter" the field filter for the corresponding index field can now be stored.

For all future documents processed by Intelligent Indexing, index terms with a similar spelling are automatically adapted to the index term stored in the field filter.