We are unable to access the DocuWare Web Client and need to know who the Organization Administrators are within our system.
Although you are unable to access your DocuWare system, it is possible to locate which roles users are assigned to, such as "Organization Administrator", via the database that hosts DocuWare. Please refer to the following guide on locating the Organization Administrator from the database;
1. Navigate to your database provider and run the following query;
(Note: Before proceeding, please take a backup of all the DocuWare databases.)
MySQL Query;
Use dwsystem;
from dwuser, dwroles, DWUserToRole
where DWUser.uid = DWUserToRole.uid
DWRoles.rid = (select rid from DWRoles where name = 'Organization Administrator')
MSSQL Query;
SELECT as Username, as Role,
FROM dwsystem.dbo.DWUser
inner join dwsystem.dbo.DWUserToRole on dwuser.uid=dwusertorole.uid inner join dwsystem.dbo.DWRoles on dwroles.rid=dwusertorole.rid
where = 'Organization Administrator'


2. Once the query has run, it will return all Organization Administrators present within your system, alongside their registered email address.
KBA is applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.