Publicado Thu, 10 Feb 2022 16:42:48 GMT por Tim C IT Manager
Hi guys!  We have recently adopted Docuware in my organisation and we've hit a problem that has me stumped!  We discovered that we needed to create some index value profiles in file cabinet permissions in order to use rules to restrict the documents (in our case invoices) that users can see.  We have 8 small companies under the same umbrella and we want to restrict access to file cabinet contents so users only see documents relating to their company.  

This has worked perfectly in as much as that users can search the contents of the file cabinet and now only see documents where the "legal entity" field matches.  The problem is that these users are no longer able to approve invoices.  We have a workflow which includes a manual approval stage.  But when users click "approve" they get an error saying "Assignment in activity: 'Manual Approval' failed. User no longer have enough rights!" (SIC).

We have a custom profile for File Cabinet permissions which is used to provide access to all documents across all legal entities, and if I add a user to this profile the approval process works fine.  I just can't seem to pin down why the workflow fails when users are added to my new Index Value profiles.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated!
Publicado Fri, 11 Feb 2022 12:22:30 GMT por Fabian Kall
Make sure that Your index value profile grants ALL rights that are necessary to participate in that workflow task.&nbsp;<br> <br> Your workflow task may <strong>apply a stamp</strong> or c<strong>hange some index value.</strong>&nbsp;If done within the task activity, these things happen within the rights scope of the logged in user.&nbsp;<br> <br> Most likely the index value profile allows the user to view and edit the document, but he is not allowed to add to annotations (stamp) or change certain index values. The latter is especially important for index values that have recently been added to the file cabinet, as these will per default explicitly NOT be included in existing custom or index value profiles.
Publicado Fri, 11 Feb 2022 12:44:03 GMT por Tim C IT Manager
Hi Fabian - thanks very much for your reply to my issue!<br> <br> I have checked the file cabinet permissions for the index value profile which has the problem, but it does look like all permissions are set.<br> <br> HOWEVER, there is an additional strange issue which users in this IVP are experiencing and I wonder if this is relevant?&nbsp; Although they have all boxes ticked in "Overlay Permissions", they don't actually see the overlay options when viewing a document.&nbsp; I don't understand why not!?&nbsp; Could this issue be related?<br> <br> Thanks again for your help!

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