The number and/or date format is not correct in the Web Client.

How values are displayed in numeric fields and date fields depends on the Regional Options settings in Control Panel on your computer. However, these values are always stored in a fixed format that matches the database settings.
Example: On a computer with Regional Options set to German (Germany), the date is entered and stored in a date field in the format 31.05.2006. If another user with Regional Options set to English (United States) now views the entry in this date field, will see 5/31/2006.

This only affects numbers in numeric fields and dates in date fields. If you save a number or a date in a text field, the value will be stored and displayed exactly as you entered it.

Since DocuWare version 6.6 it is possible to define a specific format to display dates and numeric format independent from the OS regional settings. Open the settings in the Web Client and select the desired format: