Different modules like Connect to Outlook, Web Services and Web Client are using the GAPI in the background. With the GAPI it is possible to provide a more detailed log.
For that you have to open the file “DocuWare.Gapi.dll.config”.

This file can be found in the installation directory of the module, that you need logging for. There you have to adapt the <loggingManagement> area. It is recommended to create a backup of the original .config file. With this you can deactivate the logging very easily again.

Here you can copy the text that should replace the original <loggingManagement> area:
<loggingManagement mode="on" trace="on">
     <publisher logLevel="Debug" assembly="DocuWare.Common" type="DocuWare.Common.Logging.FilePublisher" fileName="C:\temp\GAPI_Debug.log"  maxFileSize="51200" enhancementMethod="newFile" maxFileNumber="30" />
      <publisher logLevel="Error" assembly="DocuWare.Common" type="DocuWare.Common.Logging.FilePublisher" fileName="C:\temp\GAPI_Errors.log" maxFileSize="51200" enhancementMethod="newFile" maxFileNumber="30"/>