How to configure DocuWare Mobile?

To configure DocuWare Mobile you need a mobile licence. As well as a mobile phone or tablet with at least iOS 8, Android 4.0 or Windows 8.1. Perform following steps to set up a connection:

  1. Download the DocuWare Mobile App:
  2. Open DocuWare Mobile. Now you'll see this window

  3. Click „Connect with DocuWare“
  4. Choose "Find QR code" to scan the QR code from the DocuWare Web Client.
    You can find the QR Code in the Web Client in Menu > Mobile Apps.
    Note: This feature is supported starting with DocuWare 6.7


  5. After scannong the QR code this Window is displayed
    Login with your DocuWare user and password

  6. The DocuWare Mobile App is now ready to use

    If you can’t connect via QR code do the following steps:
  • Go back to step 4. and Choose „> Problems? Connect manually“
  • There enter the all connection information manually. In "URL" enter the IP/FQDN/DNS to your DocuWare Server.

    If you are on the dashboard and/or you want to add another connection tap on the "hamburger" icon on the top left to open the menu and tap on "Configurations". There tap on the plus icon at the top right to add a new connection.