You are creating a file connection and browsing to the data file that you will be using. When you click browse, you receive the following error: "An error occurred please contact the administrator with the following information.  Could not find a part of the path C:\FileConnections\.”
The storage location for the file connection must be accessible to the Content Server, and to Workflow Server (up to 6.10) or BPS Server (DW 6.11 and higher). If the location is not local to them, you must specify a UNC file path. This error is most likely to occur in a multi-server environment.

In DocuWare Administration, locate the storage location that contains your data files and update the path to a UNC path
Example: C:\FileConnections becomes \\dwserver\fileconnections

IMPORTANT! – The Windows user that is running the DocuWare services must be a domain account and have full access to this network location!