Connect to Outlook provides a connection between Microsoft Outlook and DocuWare for easy email handling. Connect to Outlook allows you to easily archive your emails from Outlook in DocuWare, as well as to access archived emails directly from Outlook. The application of Connect to Outlook is based on configurations that can also be started directly from Outlook. All storage information, such as storage target and indexing, is defined in the configuration. You can find more basic information about Connect to Outlook and its configuration here:


Please check the following requirements (especially the outlook version!):

  • DocuWare 6.10
  • DocuWare 6.11
  • DocuWare 6.12
  • DocuWare 7
  • Since DocuWare 6.10 you won’t need Exchange-Cache mode
  • Additional dependencies:
    • .NET Framework 4.5
    • For Outlook 2010.NET Framework 3.5 is required

Please always check if Updates for Desktop Apps are up to date! Your Desktop Apps need to be in the same version as your DocuWare Server!

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Check if your Office Version is supported by your DocuWare Version [#Requirements]
  2. Make sure that the latest HotfixPack is installed
  3. Please check if there are Desktop Apps for Updates und install them if available. Desktop Apps need to have the same version as the connected DocuWare server.
  4. With the help of the log, you can often check yourself whether there is more information about an unusual behavior, which you can find in the following folder: %TEMP%\DocuWare\Logs
    1. There is often too much information in the log. For a better analysis, please empty the folder and then reproduce the behavior again. Now, only relevant information about the last few minutes should be included.
  5. If you do not find any information there, it often helps to activate debug logging.
  6. Try to localize the behavior to specific workstations, mails, or storage configurations.

Connect to Outlook Add-In can't be loaded

Check if the add-in can be loaded via Outlook settings: "File > Options > Add-Ins > Click next to "Manage: COM Add-Ins" the “Go”-button and activate Connect to Outlook.

Outlook "blocks" in some cases Add-Ins, when the Add-in temporarily ran slowly or crashed, mostly this article help. Otherwise, try the following registry instructions:

If the add-in is still not listed there, you can try to add it again:

  • Remove the add-in via Outlook settings and add it again [IH? FAQ]
  • Macro Check security settings [FAQ new]
  • Register Add-In again
    • Close Outlook
    • Run CMD. exe as administrator
    • To switch to the Connect to Outlook folder, please execute the following command: cd "C: \Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\CONNECT to Outlook".
    • This command can be used to re-register the add-in: adxregistrator. exe /install=DocuWare. CONNECTtoOutlook. dll /privileges=admin
  • Start Outlook as administrator

See more general information to Add-Ins here:

Storage doesn't work as expected

In the first step, check the Connect to Outlook storage configuration. If you do not have access to it, please contact your DocuWare Administrator.

Many error messages indicate that certain fields have been filled incorrectly or not filled at all. If you are not sure which value is filled, you can use the configuration to display the storage dialog box.

Send & Store and monitoring of folders does not work

Please check the following article:

Contact properties can't be filled

If the SMTP address for a certain contact is not resolved correctly, it does not appear in the target field in the archive. Correspondingly, there is no index expansion for the fields "Company" and "Contact", if this is configured.

Solution 1: Download Exchange Address Book

"File > Information > Account Settings > Download Address Book"

Solution 2: Compress local Outlook file

"File > Area "Information > Account Settings > Account Settings > Account Settings > Data Files > Double-click on the account data file > Advanced > Outlook Data File Settings > Compress Now". This may take some time.

A message is displayed when you store with right-click

Example: "Please update Microsoft Outlook. Due to a bug, your version does not support this function. This bug is fixed in newer Outlook versions."

Solution: Some editions of Office 2013 and Office 2016 may contain a bug that has already been fixed by Microsoft. Please check if Office is up to date, as follows: Outlook > File > Office > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now

When storing an e-mail, the message "Not all selected objects match the selected filter criteria." appears

Please install the latest HotfixPack and update the desktop apps. If the behavior persists, check the storage configuration fields.

When storing an e-mail, the message “Failed due to the following error: Library not registered. Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002801D” appears

Please see this FAQ-Article to solve the issue:

Outlook crashes or brings error messages while the Add-In is being active

  • Please check the steps above, ­­­­­under “General Troubleshooting” [#General Troubleshooting]

  • Please check the event viewer (eventvwr.exe), there you can find under “Windows Logs > Application” entries with “Outlook” as source. In these crash logs you can access more information about the cause and the causing *.DLL.

Opening a Support Request

When you open a support request for Connect to Outlook the following information is helpful, of course not all information is always necessary:

  • If DocuWare is installed on a local server, which hotfix version does the system have?
  • Have all Desktop App updates been installed?
  • How does the behavior manifest itself?
  • What steps have already been taken to correct the behavior, what was the result?
  • Does the behavior occur only at certain workstations or environments?
  • Does the behavior occur only with certain storage configurations?
  • Does the behavior occur only with certain mails? Can they be attached to the case if necessary?
  • Screenshots of
    • Office version [link to M$].
    • Storage configuration if errors occur during storage
    • Occurring error messages
  • Logs under
    • %TEMP%\DocuWare\Logs\ - if no log is written, please enable debug logging
    • %ProgramData%\DocuWare\SetupLogs\ - in case of problems during installation
    • %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Add-in Express\  - in case of problems loading the add-in

"eventvwr. exe > Windows Protocols > Application > Save all results as - this is required in case of crashes, please use the format *.evtx