How can I generate a URL to retrieve data from a file cabinet using the Rest API?

In order to generate a URL, which can be used to retrieve data with, please use the following as a guide;

Using Postman

1. When using Postman to test this call, open the "Build the URL to use in GET request" example (This can be found on our developers site), and update the ServerUrl, Platform, and FileCabinetId variable to suit your organization.

2. From the Params section, update the sortOrder, fields, and dialogId for what you'd like to use to perform the search with, and the sort order and the fields which appear. 

3. In the body, update the JSON for the condition and operator which will be used for the search.

Using C# RestSharp

When using C#, we can use RestSharp to make the Rest call to retrieve the data. An example can be found in the following screenshot.

When using Postman, we can generate this code automatically by clicking on the "Code" link which lies below the save button.
More on generating this code can be found here; KBA-36429

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.