You want to set up a List within the Web Client, which shows only Documents and Records with a matching variable Date. 
For example, Invoices that have been stored within the current year.

Open the Web Configuration > File Cabinets > Dialogs and create a new List.
Enable SQL Statment and set your condition.
Currently this only works for On-Premise Systems due to the fact that SQL Queries are not supported for Cloud Systems

Documents where a specific date is in the current year/month/day.

  • Year: YEAR(*Indexfieldname*)=YEAR(CURRENTDATE()) 
  • Month: MONTH(*Indexfieldname*)=MONTH(CURRENTDATE()) 
  • Day: DAY(*Indexfieldname*)=DAY(CURRENTDATE()) 

If we want to change the condition to the past or future, we need to add a value to CURRENTDATE() function:
A SQL function that displays documents with the date of the day before yesterday:

  •  DAY(*Indexfieldname*) = DAY(CURRENTDATE(-1))