• Registry Hack Workaround

    Cannot Edit Excel Documents from DocuWare Web Client



    When trying to edit Excel documents from the DocuWare Web Client you are presented with an error.

    *Editing this file type is not supported in DocuWare, because the monitoring of changes is not possible for it. The file has been downloaded, but



    1. Click the start button in windows
    2. Type regedit and open the program
    3. Expand out HKEY_CURRENT_USER
      • Software
      • DocuWare
      • Document tracking
    4. Double Click on FileLockAttempts
    5. Change Value data to 140
    6. Click OK
    7. Restart the DocuWare Desktop Service

    Now try and edit an Excel Document from the DocuWare Web Client. It should be able to edit and save without any issues.

  • Same behavior

    Windows 10 (Win 7 and 8 work as expected - you can have many open instances of the Excel application and when you EDIT then save it works)

    Chrome & DW Web Client v7

    Open Excel > Blank File

    EDIT Excel file in tray > file opens in Excel > Update one cell and Save, then Close

    File never uploads back into DW and the update the the cell does not appear.


    In IE it give an error EDITING THIS FILE TYPE IS NOT SUPPORTED IN DOCUWARE - monitoring of changes is not possible for it - the file has been updated and changes will not be uploaded.

    !00% reproducable.

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    We had a cusotmer ask about this the other day.


    Please add us to the list of people requesting this functionality.


    Thank you.