• RE: Fast Question DW7.2 is compatible with SQL 2019



    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017
    So, apparently not.
  • Cloud workflows slow?

    I'm hearing a few customer reports of workflows running slowly in the background in the Cloud. Are others getting this?
  • RE: Presentation download fails

    It finally downloaded but the zip was corrupt. Argh.
  • Presentation download fails

    The DW7.2 Presentation VM downloads very slowly and then fails. This has happened more than a dozen times since Mon morning. 

    Is this behavior happening for others?
  • OcrProcessCapacity

    In ...\DocuWare\Desktop\DesktopOcr.settings (used on on scan stations) there is a line:

    <ProcessPool OcrProcessCapacity="100" MaxCount="-1" MinCount="0" TimeoutForProcesses="600000"/>

    One KBA addresses timeouts but has anyone played with the other items to see if OCR can be improved or speeded up , etc. 

    In particular, will changing OcrProcessCapacity="100" change OCR speed or reliability?
  • TIFF conversion

    We have several large TIFF's imported to DW from an older system. The viewer displays them fine but downloading as a PDF is not always successful. Note, a typical TIFF may be 7000 pages and many hundreds of MB on disk. 

    Acrobat could be one alternative but seems slow on conversion. Does anyone have experience with huge TIFF's, converting to PDF?
  • HotFix access

    I'm on a customer's server and the link to the DW6.9 HotFixs, 


    gives me a blank page in IE and askes me to loginto Sharepoint in Chrome. What'r the login creds?



    go.docuware./com/hfpacks gives a blank page on both IE and Chrome / I even logged in w/ my DW account before trying

  • Mostly bundles of patient

    Mostly bundles of patient records. Pages are scanned B/W at 300. MB range, probably. They need all the pages, so they will all eventually wait for Fulltext, anyway.

    I understand that folks create 20,000+ page PDF's for other purposes. I'm not worried about final PDF size as much as DWScan processing the scan/stitching together the PDF in the first place.

    (Interesting potential for DW, storing collections of entire novels...)

  • Max Document Size recomendation

    Hi folks:

    What's your recommendation for maximum document size?

    Based on speed or likelyhood of breaking the process?

    How about 7000 pages?

  • Branding with DW V7

    Similar problem here. I can get my brand to work okay on the login window. But there's no satisfaction in the working area: either DocuWare logo; or DocuWare logo superimposed over my brand; or blank. 

    UPDATE: neither the 'before' or 'after' behaviors work correctly - here's rewritten code w/ which to test:

    .dw-logo:before {
        display: none;
    .dw-logo:after {
        display: none;