When starting the DocuWare Client, an error message is displayed and the Client exits.

Displayed Message:
Error connecting: No suitable active server AuthenticationServer with GUID ... found.

The above error can often be resolved by creating an external connection in the DocuWare Administration. This can be done under DocuWare System → General, by clicking the "+" button to the right of the "External connections" option. After adding the new connection, set an appropriate name and apply the changes.

Additionally, the newly created connection needs to be applied to all DocuWare servers. While in the configuration page for any DocuWare server, click on the "+" button to the right of the "External communication" option and choose the new connection. Before continuing with the next server, though, the connection requires the server's IP and port in order to work correctly. Both can be configured by entering them in the text box to the right of the new connection, separated by a comma. For example, this could be if the server's IP is and the port is 9000.

After adding the connection to all DocuWare servers, save your changes and restart all DocuWare services to ensure the new settings are applied. Once the restart has been completed, the error message should no longer be displayed.